The Address on the State of our Union My anticipation, response and reflection

Speeches, especially “political” ones are not unlike fine wine…or art for that matter.  The aroma, body and finish of wine can be drastically different depending on the region it’s from. Was it properly decanted, did you let it breathe and even the variance when opening a bottle on one day as compared to another can be considerably different.  In many ways ones’ appreciation and or critique of “art” is also based on taste and perspective.  Am I standing too close and missing the larger picture?  Am I standing too far away and failing to notice the nuances of the piece, or is it simply that one man’s art “treasure” is another man’s “Elvis on velvet”?  It is in this manner of thought and after watching Mr. Obama’s speech live, reading it three days later and re-watching it again last night…that I present what were my anticipations, what my response was and what are my reflections.


I tried to adequately prepare for Mr. Obama’s address last week on the “state” of our Union.  I took copious pre-game notes as the “talking head” pundits blathered away.  I turned my phone off, the TV volume up, and cracked open a bottle of “Macallan 25” so that I might sufficiently relax my brain thus providing me with at least a small chance of withstanding the coming onslaught of the always smug, utterly dishonest, chin up drivel about to invade my ears.

Of course I knew that no matter my “preparations” and because I am a rational human being whom understands that facts and propaganda are not synonyms… that I was once again destined to be appalled.  I was certain to be nauseated, vexed and puzzled by his always vacuous yet strangely hubris and confidently incompetent presentation.  And I was for sure going to be disgusted as the often petulant Mr. Obama would at times eloquently yet still mindlessly and righteously propose his divisive and “progressive” policies for achieving his utopian future of “fairness”.  All of this I knew Mr. Obama would proclaim defiantly as if the evidence of his absolute failure of attempting to do so over the past six years didn’t exist by the tonnage.

Well, that evidence certainly exists’ Mr. President.  Consequently the  American people are no longer  buying anymore of your snake oil that tries to tell them that the “lesser” daily lives they’re now living are in fact more “abundant” than ever; that’s just silly…but congrats on keeping a straight face while explaining your delusions of the “hope” we should have and the “change” you created.   I’m sure having your unprecedented tin ear and the Valerie Jarrett echo chamber, resounding with you’re a genius; helps enormously in maintaining such a fantasy.


Speaking of “oil” let’s begin dissecting your steaming carcass of a speech right there.  Now, I have a decent vocabulary and I even went searching for the most powerful adjectives in the English language so that I might properly emphasize the gall it took for you to take credit for the increase in oil production, the drop in gas prices and being “free from the grip of foreign oil”…and well that word just doesn’t exist.

Flabbergasted and all of its synonyms might scratch the surface in describing my reaction to your insane statement.  After all; every success in “fracking” and every accomplishment in overall oil and gas production was made in spite of you.

Mr. Obama you closed down most all of the federal land to drilling and opposed new drilling leases and technologies in favor of your ridiculous “green energy” agenda.  The latter of which is a combination of horribly inefficient technologies and the outright fleecing of taxpayers so that you can enrich a myriad of your cronies that head start-ups like “Solyndria” that promptly go bankrupt because the “renewable” technologies are…well, horribly inefficient.  Thanks a lot.

But hey I’m glad we’re leading the world in “wind” energy… Of course we’re the only country silly enough to seriously pursue “wind” as a truly viable alternative to fossil fuels.  And I suspect most of the “wind” energy we enjoy currently comes from the endless and naïve bloviating of a certain “Windy City” “community organizer” you may know….but congrats nonetheless.

Last week you began your speech by telling us you weren’t interested in ticking off a “laundry list of proposals”; then of course, which is always is your want…you did exactly what you said you wouldn’t do and gave us a “laundry list”.  And frankly Mr. President after making the point that the evening was six years to the day on which you were first sworn into office…after I might add an acceptance speech wherein you flanked with Greek columns…I thought last night was a bit trite, a lot of “small ball”, if you will, that really lacked an over the horizon vision for the country.  Understandable I guess from a President that lost more seats for his party in two mid-term elections; in Congress, State and local races than in any Presidency before his own…        my condolences sir.

Now, with the desire of being honest with my readers here I will simply offer a direct rebuttal to several of the most bothersome things to me on your “list” of absurd proposals, shallow platitudes and transparent contradictions.  While you count on the uniformed voter; I know there are millions of Americans that understand your shameful “transparency”.

1) The low unemployment rate you touted. Sir, that’s due to the millions that have simply given up trying to find a job in your disastrous economy and are no longer being counted as “unemployed”.  But of course that’s the kind of dishonesty one would expect from an administration that invented the laughable metric of “jobs created or saved”.

2) Saying you that were successful in opposing Russian aggression.
Are you kidding…Putin annexed Crimea over a weekend while sipping vodka as you talked ever softly and carried a limp stick.  Mr. President only the crashing price of oil disabled Putin, not your inept policy and impotent response. You simply do not understand how to obtain and exercise leverage on a geopolitical scale.  Additionally your worldview in which the virtue of America is not a dominate force for good around the globe only serves to endanger free people everywhere and encourage the absolute worst dictators and despots.

3) Now we all want clean air and water Mr. President… But your proclaimed “advancement” against the myth that is “global warming” and that you trumpeted your success in getting China to “cap” their “green house gas” emissions…yeah….yeah, in the year 2035!!! Until then China can increase their metric tons of pollution every year with reckless abandon; truly disingenuous.

4) The ongoing nonsense of demonizing success with your “fair shot”, “pay their fair share” garbage.  The fact is that those Americans whom “did build that” by the way, already pay significantly more than their “fair share”.  Calling them names while they’re doing so is insulting.
Furthermore, Mr. President in America one has the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail. That imbalance is natural and cannot be made equal by legislative action and one should not be punished for their success; nor should one be immune from the consequences of their failure.

5) Equal pay for woman… My God that statistic has been debunked more times than your Kenyan birth… Go Hawaii!! It’s simply not true.  Women in fact earn equal pay for equal work all things being equal.  But, all things are rarely equal.  There are in fact an enormous number of variables and choices that both men and woman make that factor into their career trajectory and subsequent earnings. Moreover…why don’t you start with the women in your own White House that are earning less for arguably the same positions before lecturing the rest of us?

6) Your demands to raise the minimum wage and your decree that you “can’t raise a family on minimum wage”.  Now, you’ve never built, owned or run a business, so I’m sympathetic to your deficiency in understanding how they work.  However, I have and let me tell you the profit margins for most small and medium businesses cannot absorb the mandated “raise” and those that can, already pay well above your proposed rate…and that’s called competition for talented Mr. President.  And as for raising a family on minimum wage…. It’s not designed for that… and for anyone attempting to so…What the hell are you thinking; personal responsibility anyone?
7) More Americans than ever before gained Healthcare.  Responding to this absurdity at this point in my writing would result in giving me carpel tunnel so let me just say this:

Many Americans gained health insurance not “healthcare” and since what they gained is an expansion of the awful Medicaid system that offers a terrible reimbursement rate for doctors…good luck to those poor souls trying to find and receive actual “healthcare”.  In reality millions of Americans lost their health insurance Mr. President.  Health insurance which worked for them, that they could afford and that they in fact were paying for only to be relegated to the laborious, often impossible task of signing up for an inferior, taxpayer subsidized, yet still more expensive policy…nicely done sir.

There are obviously many more things, to which I could respond, but those seven I felt would be the most important to you, they were to me.


My reflections are that one could write a book on the failure of this President… actually many already have, I’m sure many more will, maybe I will.  Unfortunately Mr. Obama’s speech last week was just the sixth State of the Union example of why he should never have been elected in the first place let alone re-elected…and there are many, many reasons for his re-election. The reason that concerns me most is the ignorance and apathy of too many in our electorate.  How the “free press”; which I believe was the Founders’ fourth check and balance on government tyranny; has been bought, corrupted and now willingly feeds that ignorance, apathy and the fears of our electorate in order to advance the insidious ideology they share with “Progressives” that have been elected to power.

I believe that Mr. Obama has been “weighed, measured and found desperately wanting”… wanting of wisdom, grace, humility and the character necessary to lead our exceptional nation. I believe the responsibility now falls on the shoulders of the “silent majority” to raise their voices, to stay informed, become active and work tirelessly to rebuild America from the ruins of Mr. Obama’s “fundamental transformation.
Michael Wendling II